“Some fathers teach their sons to shave, other fathers teach their sons to be men.”

One day I was at my friend’s son’s 3 year old birthday party. After pounding some chocolate cupcakes his 5 year old daughter turned around and said “Look Daddy! I have a mustache!”. The child spoke the truth, as she had inadvertently grown the best icing Hitler Stache I’ve ever seen. Behold, MyKidsStache.com was born. I told my friend that day that I was going to dedicate a site to moments like that. People have asked me, “Why do you think people want to see kids with mustaches?” To that I answer, “Your life is empty if you don’t understand.” After they do some google searches they are sold. I then decided that I shouldn’t stop there. There are some beautiful creations riding around on the faces of men worldwide (and even a few women). These people need to be known, their faces brought to glorious daylight. Please consider joining me in my journey to expose the art of facial hair. People say it’s a fad, I say it’s a movement. Whether an 8 month old with a mushy carrot handlebar, an 8 year old with a stick on chevron, or an 80 year old with huge burns, let’s showcase their style. Let’s make them known.

- Mr. Mustache